Logo++ language brief overview
Logo++ language is very simple. It consists of exactly 8 keywords:

- walk <n>
tells the turtle to walk <n> steps while drawing a straight line in
its path.

- jump <n>
moves the turtle <n> steps as in walk but without drawing its path.

- turn <n>
turns the turtle <n> degrees counterclockwise.

- repeat <n> ... loop
repeats <n> times the instructions between repeat and loop statements.
<n> must be greater or equal to 1.

- define <id> ... end
provides a procedure call mechanism. The block between the two delimiting
statments could be invoked using the giving <id>


define square

repeat 4

walk 100
turn 90



- draw <id>
used to draw a previously defined block with define...end constructs.

draw square

For more examples visit the gallery.