How to compile Logo++

-Win32 platforms
A VC++ workspace and project are located in the vstudio directory. Open
the workspace clpp.dsw and build the project. Compilation was tested under
Windows2000 (TM) professional with Visual C++ 6.0 successfully.
The executable 'Clpp' is generated in the <Logo++ Home>/bin/win directory

Just type 'make' in a shell while in Logo++ directory.
The executable 'Clpp' is generated in the <Logo++ Home>/bin/linux directory

-Important note:
Logo++ is based on FLTK toolkit for its user interface (,
thus, if you have problems linking the project try rebuilding the FLTK library
(version fltk-1.0.11, higher versions won't work).

I did not try to port Logo++ to oher platforms. If you do, please let me know!
(mail me at :